Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 4---Amsterdam

July 16, 2014
            Today is the best day I had since I was been Europe. My class went to Rotterdam in the morning. And guess what, we rode the bike all day. As a Chinese, I started to ride bike since I was 6 years old. Although I had never ridden a bike since I went to college. But bicycle is an amazing thing. You cannot forget how to ride it since you know how to ride it. When I rode the bike on the road, my mind kept recalling the memories of what happened to my bicycle and me. I remembered the first time to learn how to ride a bicycle, the moment that my friends and I rode the bike together to back home, and the feeling that I raced with my friends by bike. All the moments of bicycle are so beautiful.
            Then we joined the tour of Rotterdam port. We had our lunch on the cruise. After the tour, we rode to the TV tower. This is my first time to be on the top of a TV tower. My hometown also had a TV tower. However, I had never been the top of it. When you on the top, you can overlook all of the cities. That feeling is so great. Just like you can see the whole world.
At last, we rode to a lake. My professor and I had a beer in there. It tasted so good. There are also deer in the park. I took a lot of picture of the deer. There were almost 20 deer in there and one with a big horn. I thought it is the father of this family. We feed them chips and found that some of them didn’t have teeth. It is so cute.

After that, we back to Amsterdam to catch our dinner. When we were on the train, I thought if you came to Netherlands, you have to go Rotterdam. This city made you feel different with Amsterdam. Not so many people rode crazy bicycle, not so many tourists held the map to find to destination. All the city have is clam and peaceful. I may back to Rotterdam to enjoy this kind of peace in the future.