Friday, July 11, 2014

Paris Adventure Day 6 of 7

July 11, 2014
Friday is always a good day for me because it denotes the end of a work week. It is the gateway to free time and the weekend baby! This particular Friday was quite fascinating because not only was I in Paris, France, but I was privy to see one of the most famous churches, the most beautiful paintings in the world, and be at a fashion show. Yes! I visited Notre Dame. One of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. I took photos of all the people who were just as interested as I was to just see it. I visited the Locks of Love Bridge again too. This time, I saw someone dear to me place a memento of love on this bridge and throw away the key. This means that Tao loves his girlfriend and will forever. I saw another beautiful bride today. She was a mature bride as her dress was not pure white, but ivory satin. She and her groom were taking photos on the Locks of Love Bridge. They placed a lock on the bridge as a symbol of their undying love for each other.
I also visited the Mona Lisa, the most beautiful painting in the world. This painting was one of the reasons I wanted to come to Paris. My friend who is from Italy said she had seen it before and she didn’t understand what the big deal was. Well I do. The Mona Lisa is a masterpiece work of art by Di Vinci and it is breathtaking. I took a selfie with it to show my family and friends at home that I was truly there. The other reason I wanted to come to Paris was the Eiffel Tower. I saw it my first day in the city and last night. Both times that I have seen it it made me be in ah and I am so grateful. Conversely, I was delighted when I found out that I would enjoy a fashion show while in Paris on what better day than a Friday! This fashion show was by invitation only and I was so excited. The Gallaries Lafayette Haussmann is the name shopping mall that hosted the show.
As anticipation almost overtook me, I realized that I did not know exactly where this mall was located. Tao and I walked the street looking for the mall in hopes of not being late. We were talking and all of a sudden one of the other students, Ashley, came up with the biggest smile on her face. (Today is her birthday – I sang her the birthday song). She said she recognized my voice and turned around to see familiar faces. She explained to me that my voice sounded like an angel. I was so proud. It is good to be able to help someone when they are lost, confused, and could not find their way. I was glad that today it was my turn to do that favor. Anyway, once we found the mall, Dr. V walked up as well. He was a sight for sore eyes too. We proceeded in the store so that we could claim our right position at the fashion show. Up the escalator to the show we went. We were welcomed by the coordinators and promptly seated. There was a pamphlet and a cold bottle of water on our seats. This is rare as most places I have visited here have tap water and it is lukewarm. Ashley and I loved the fact that it was cold. The show was about to begin, another familiar face appeared and she looked at us like we were new money!
Lights, cameras, music, and action the show began. There were models wearing the latest trends for the 2014 collection. They were beautiful. On television the models look thin, but they are even thinner in person. You know they say the television adds 10 pounds; when you see photos of me, remember that. (Ha ha) Anyway, not only were there thin female models but one particular fine male model as well. He knew he was the stuff and everyone in the room knew it too. I can say after this show that I have done all that I ever wanted to do in Paris, except be with the one I love. Below is a photo of the hottie from the fashion show and I hope that when you visit Paris you can book a show: it will be well worth your time and effort.