Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 6---Paris

July 11, 2014
We went to Notre Dame de Paris and Opéra de Paris at noon and went to the Galeries  Lafayette Haussmann to see Défilé Fashion Show in the afternoon. It’s so amazing. This is the first time I saw a fashion show. As you know, Paris is the capital of fashion. What a great experience to see a fashion show in the capital of fashion. They dressed so beautiful. I remember there is a model, whose high-heel shoes borke in the fashion show. She tried to fix it but she can’t. So she took it off and kept walking. The guests clapped their hands to her. However, what I want to say is not about the fashion show. It is about love.
Someone said the way to learn a city is come to visit it. Today I learned about love. I went to the “love lock” bridge before I go to the fashion show. I bought a lock and locked it in the bridge with my girlfriend’s name and mine. When I wrote the name, there is a man playing the accordion. The sound is so pleasant. It made all of this more romantic. It is a pity that my girlfriend can’t come with me in Paris. I can’t image if my girlfriend feels all of this will cry or not, but I am sure that I was moved in that moment. I know she will see this blog. So what I want to say to her is, 李卉, I love you so much. I am missing you. Hope we can come to Paris together to “find our lock” in the future.