Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 3---Amsterdam

July 15, 2014
            Today we went to do our research of the price of a double room in two-star hotel, a dozen of eggs, a liter of whole milk, and p/kg of rib-eye just like what we did in Paris. It was raining in the morning. So we decided to go out when it stop raining. It is a tired day. We walked 5 neighborhoods located in CENTRUM. It is even more tired than we did in Paris. The reason why is that we can take the metro in Paris. However, we just walked all the way in Amsterdam. We thought we walked 5 miles today. So when we back to hostel, we all felt tired.
            After dinner, I found some people played soccer in the park. They really enjoyed in it. What you can feel from them is happiness. They played for nothing but for fun.  I think this is the reason why people love soccer. It let people forget their troubles and give them happiness. I used to play soccer since I was 6-year old. My first football is the birthday gift from my father. I really take care of it. I cleaned it every time after I played soccer. When I grew up, I loved to play basketball and very professional on it. But I still love soccer. I loved to watch soccer match, play soccer video game, and focus on the soccer news. Soccer is a magic sport, which can make people be happy all around the world. I heard a story about soccer. In order to watch the World Cup game in 2006, people even stop the civil war in Côte d'Ivoire. I think soccer is the only sport can do this in the world. Hope more and more people can feel the happiness which football gave.