Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 2 of Paris 7/7/14

On Monday July 7, 2014, we went on a walking tour around Paris. My class mates and I met at St. Michel fountain for the tour. Our tour guide was an English woman by the name of Nancy. At the beginning of the tour Nancy explained to us that there are professional pit pocketers in Paris, and we should be very cautious of them. These pit pocketers are people pretending that they work for a charity, and they ask you to sign a petition. The minute you are busy signing the petition, they grab anything of value that you may have on you at the moment. Not even 20 minutes within our tour, we experienced a pit pocketer come up to one of the boys in our group. The pit pocketer started off by asking him to sign a petition, and Nancy quickly explained to the guy that the girl was a thief. The girl quickly walked off shouting and cursing at Nancy. Witnessing a pit pocketer in action has made me more cautious and aware of my surroundings. I would advise girls who come to Paris to bring a cross body purse, which is a purse that goes around your entire body. A cross body purse is a lot harder for a thief to get to than a regular purse that just hangs off your shoulder. During the tour we went to many of the tourist attractions, and significant bridges and buildings. We went to visit a statue of King Henry IV, who was a very popular man who suffered 20 attempts on his life. People were unhappy that he changed his religion and became the King of France. We also visited the Lock Bridge, which is one of the post popular bridges in Paris.