Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 1 Amsterdam 7/13/14

On Sunday July 13,2014,we left Paris to travel to Amsterdam. The traveling process was a lot easier this time. I was able to get all my stuff down to one bag,thanks to my friend Emily. Emily offered to put some of my clothes in her bag because she packed very light.The guys were also very helpful this time. Our train ride was 3 hours long,unfortunately,I wasn't able to get any sleep.When we finally arrived in Amsterdam, we came across a really drunk guy who was really rude. I advise students who want to study abroad in the future to ignore situations like this. 
Coming to Amsterdam was like paradise, everything is nicer and cleaner than Paris. Amsterdam's metro system looks and smells 10 times better. The name of our hostel is ,"Stay Okay." After staying in our last hostel in Paris,I appreciate "Stay Okay" so much. "Stay Okay "is great, it's very spacious,and very clean. They provide us with a delicious breakfast and lunch everyday.The staff at the front desk speak English well, and they are very helpful. I like Amsterdam so far, and the people has made me feel welcomed.