Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 4---Berlin

July 22, 2014
            Today is research day. What does it mean? A Tired day.
            As what we did before, we went to 5 neighborhoods. Unlike Amsterdam, Berlin is a big city. We need to take metro to all of these neighborhoods. We were leaving in the morning and did the research about Mitte. This is the closet neighborhood among these five. So we went back to have our lunch in the hostel. By the way, the lunch and dinner of today is really good. After we finished our lunch, we continued our work. I was glad that I bought a sim-card in Berlin, which means I can have data in my phone. So we will always know the way to our destination.

As I said before, I love this city. But I don’t know why actually. Maybe it is because of the history of this city or maybe because I am a big fan of German National football team. Actually, I love the feeling that when you walk on the street. This feeling you cannot use words to explain it. I want to know the name and history of all the buildings. I also want to try all kinds of foods in Berlin. It seemed like it is not you choose this city to visit. Actually it is the city chose you. Berlin wished you to come to visit it, to know it, and to love it. It is really strange, but I love it.  However, back to reality, there are only 3 days left for me in Berlin. I need to go more places, visit more museums, and know more histories in Berlin. I will leave Berlin on Friday night and head to Munich. This is the second city, which I want to visit most. So I hope everyday lasted will be wonderful.