Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 4---Paris

July 9, 2014
It’s still a raining day. But I got lucky today because I found my lost umbrella last night. It helps me a lot. The goal of today is doing the interview for my research. I am doing two stores today. When I ask them to do an interview firstly, they don’t want to help me because they have rules for forbidding this. However, I said it’s just like a chat, and you are not that kind of busy, let’s just talk about the World Cup. Then he doesn’t reject me. When I asked him what do he think about this France team, he was so depression. He said they have chance to beat Germany, but lucky doesn’t in their side. Meanwhile, he thought that this national team is doing great in this World Cup. The coach, Didier Deschamps, is making this team better than before. He solved the problem of internal conflict. Although Ribéry can’t play in this World Cup but Paul Pogba let them think that he is a superstar and they can win the championship again in the future. Tonight I will watch the second semi-final game which Netherlands VS Argentina. I wish Netherlands could win. In this way, we can watch the final game, which is Germany VS Netherlands in Amsterdam.  Let’s go Netherlands.
After I finished the interview, Dr. Lukosius buy us the dinner and dessert. This dinner is the best I took in Paris so far. It called Fallafel, which has turkey, chicken, and lamb inside, and a pita outside. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of that restaurant. But t is near in the Saint Paul Metro Station. Hope anyone who can see this blog can come to try it.