Saturday, July 12, 2014

Paris Adventure Final Day 7 of 7

July 12, 2014
Today is the final day in Paris, France. I enjoyed today as it was a day that had no agendas or appointments. Of all days, this Saturday was sunny and bright filled with the sun shining brightly on us. As I look back, I remember everyone thinking it would rain everyday in Paris. It has been a blessing in disguise because it was really hot today. The locals are still wearing jackets and scarves like it is winter.  I on the other hand have had on only a sleeveless slip dress and sandals most of the day.
Walking up and down the streets this week has opened my eyes to the beauty in life. Don’t get me wrong, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Locks of Love Bridge, the Mona Lisa, and all of the statues and works of art in all of the museums are wonderful; but I wonder if anyone else has noticed the small things.
As I said before, it was warm today. I noticed the sudden burst of wind when I opened the door while the windows were opened. I noticed the people of this city walking hand in hand. I noticed the women carrying their children in their arms and on their backs going place to place. Everyone here seems to be moving every day. They have large bags, luggage, and backpacks some stuffed to the brim with stuff. I went to the laundry today, which is new to me as I do my laundry in the privacy of my own home at my leisure. A nice gentleman comes in the laundry when I arrive and he was eager to help me. He reads the signs in French, like I understood that. Anyway, he explained in English and assisted me when I needed a little more guidance. After he put his clothes in he left the laundry. I people watched the rest of the time I was there as the door flew open as if it were a revolving door. In comes a woman who is pregnant. She is taking great pains shaking out every piece of laundry that she was doing for her infant child. Next comes in a group of guys from Australia who never has done laundry a day in their lives. I know this because I heard them talk and say that their mothers wash their clothes. Another middle aged woman came in along with an older gentleman all of which looked confused because there was not a single washer available. Whew, I am glad I arrived when I did, otherwise I would still be there.
Anyway, beautiful day to relax, reflect, and rest. I am not a spring chicken, I am a summer peacock and I needed today to get prepared for the move tomorrow to Amsterdam. I was in the “thrown room” with the window ajar when I noticed a beautiful site. Right outside of our window is a tree that seems to be bearing grapes and apples. It made me think that we all need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. I loved the way I felt today. I relaxed, reflected on the week in Paris, and got some much needed rest. I have had the benefit of seeing the main things that I wanted to see and I can truly say I would love to come back with my husband to give him the opportunity to tour Paris.