Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nancy the Tour Guide

My first official work day in Paris on 7/8/14 was with my three classmates named Coshia, Tao, and Dianne. We went to district six and there we were able to meet with an energetic tour guide named Nancy from England. She took us everywhere! We met her at St. Michel and from there we went to some of the beautiful landmarks. The best part about it was meeting the other people touring with us. I met a family from New York. A girl I met told me that Paris is similar to NY because of the busy streets and tall buildings. I haven't been there but its on my to do list of places to go. Not only did we meet people from America but also in every single continent! Australia being one of them.
Our tour guide Nancy made the tour so interesting and entertaining, with her English accent and theatrical stories of King Henry kept my attention. But what made her appear to be even cooler was when she saved a guy on the street from being pick pocketed. Before we began our tour she told us to watch out for the thieves on the street. She said they will come up to you and ask you to sign a petition for some fake issue going on in Paris, ask you to make a donation and as soon as you pull your wallet out (if your a man) they'll snatch it and run. What were the odds she would catch someone in the process of doing that? She did in fact, a pregnant woman was in the process of getting this handsome fellow to sign a petition. Nancy yelled out "Hey don't sign that she's a thief!" The whole group turned around and she said it again and told him to walk away. The pregnant lady or thief rather, was so mad, she kept saying "fuck you, fuck you" to Nancy. She even flipped her the bird! Nancy gave her a fuck you too right back. I thought it was the most hilarious thing. Nancy had a whole lot of fire in her and I liked it. We moved on with our tour, and Nancy took us everywhere that sparked my brain with knowledge about the kings and queens that established the country, but also unique traditions that they have and share with tourist.
When tourist come, most likely they go see the Nortre Dame, as we did and the Lovers Bridge. The lovers bridge is where most couples in the country and around the world go to put a pad lock on the fence or post of the bridge, engraved with their name on it and together they throw the key into the dame. I was so shocked to see millions of locks on the bridge. As a female you can't help but imagining you and a significant other doing that. It made me realize how single I was and all though  I am not afraid to travel alone, I wouldn't mind doing it with the one I love. Nancy brought me back to reality when my classmate Coshia said "What if you don't have a lover?" Nancy replied "You love yourself."