Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 7---Berlin

July 25, 2014
            Today is the last day of this study abroad program. They will flight back to Nashville tomorrow. And for me, I will take a night train to Munich and continue my European trip.  I didn’t go to some museums because of the raining. I just went to the souvenir shops and went on the street to enjoy my last day in Berlin. Three weeks travel made me feel tired. I want to back to Nashville as soon as possible. But I had already booked the ticket, and no one knows what time will I come to Europe next time. So just keep going and enjoy the rest days in Europe.
            What I am thinking about Paris is that it is a modern fashion city. It is a kind of like New York. Many people caught their train to go to their destination in the metro station. People are always walking. The reason maybe that they have a lot of pressures of life, so they need to work harder and harder. Amsterdam is the city of freedom. People enjoyed their lives in such a free city. They can do whatever they want to do. Many store closed very early, like 6 pm. They want to quit work to enjoy their nightlives. Berlin is a complicated city. I don’t know why I like this city, but it is my favorite city among these three capitals. People in Berlin followed the rules seriously. For example, you made an appointment on 10 am. They just think that you should come here on 10 o’clock. Even they got there early, they still don’t see you until 10 o’clock. I think they have much more pressures than people in Paris. So they closed almost all stores on Sunday, even the grocery stores, they need a day to relax and enjoy the life.
            I don’t know what Munich looks like, but I am pretty sure that if you are interested in Germany football, Munich is the city that you can’t miss. So I am ready to go.
           Goodbye Berlin.