Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tajaya's Smile

Thursday, 7/11/14 I went to the Sacre     Cure church in the 18th district. The church itself was a beauty. The area I was in was so busy and a little more aggressive than the other districts I've seen. When I first got there I saw a threft store. Going threft shopping in Paris was on my to do list, along with French kiss a French, and French manicure. I wasn't able to complete either of those. I was very disappointed in the threft store because they do not size any thing. They just throw the clothes in a bucket and you have to go through the clothes to find your size. It was so annoying. However I did find a dress! It's orange with navy blue stars, and a sweetheart neckline. I can't wait wear it in Amsterdam! After threfting and taking pictures at Sacre Cure, I went up to the church. As I begin to walk up I here a familiar tune, I remembered playing it in my guitar class in high school, yet I still couldn't figure it out. As I got closer I see lots of people sitting on the steps at Sacre Cure just vibing. The man was playing Let it Be by the Beatles on a harp. 
 I ventured off by myself around the area looking for music businesses and musicians. Or anything related to it. While walking I ran into the infamous female pick pocketers, I gave them a big brave HELL NO when they asked me to sign that stupid petition. As I kept on walking I ran into this artist. He stopped me begging could he draw me as much as I wanted and tried to keep on going he insisted that I allow him to. I ended up interviewing him while he was drawing me. We talked about his interest; art, and mine; music. He said he's lived in Paris his whole life, and enjoys loving here. As he began to draw my eyes on the paper I became more interested in him and his art. I asked him what's his favorite color and he said all colors. I then asked to tell me one specific color, he said green but he couldn't tell me why. I told him yellow was my favorite color because it makes me happy. He then said color shouldn't make you happy,.  "Being happy is not a color thing, the whole world could be black and you can still be happy. Being happy is not a color thing, it's like a God thing." - Johanas