Friday, July 18, 2014

Goodbye Amsterdam

I guess over seas is the wrong place to be sick. I'm so ready to leave Amsterdam. This city is nice but trying to find businesses that interest me has been hard, but I'm doing it, while I'm sick. I've went to different districts by MYSELF! it was hard, complicated, and tiring but I did it. There have been times where I felt like breaking down but I couldn't. 
Whoever is reading this or who will someday, I wish I could give you an educational blog abou some of the things I've seen and heard here in Amsterdam. However you are gonna have to see Europe for yourself and conjur up your on perspective. I refuse to blog and not express myself. So here it goes...
I have enjoyed the people and places I've seen so far. Studying abroad and doing independent study is a mighty task to take on. Here I am in a position to inspire, and  I still feel in compliant. I haven't enjoyed Amsterdam truth be told. Yet it is smaller in Paris, the resources here are minimum. The hostel for example, it looks great. Looks mean nothing. It's not an environment I can learn and stay foucused in. I can't concentrate at all, and I have a lack of resources. Wifi is everything. Not only do we not get it in our rooms, it's only available in the lobby. That barely works. Second the people that stay here, I'm not sure if it's for a learning experience like myself. Also the fact that there is a bar down in the lobby is distracting, and annoying and very tempting. People at bar, music playing loud, and crappy wifi. Worst of all this entire hostel has no AC nor can you open a window. Needless to ask why I'm sick! I threw up while I was here and I've been stopped up since I've been here. Plus I hate the environment. Everyone is so fixated on getting stoned. I wish we could've stayed in Rotterdam. It seemed so peaceful there. I appreciate how calm and collective I was.