Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 1 Travel Day 6/19/16

The day is finally here! Headed to Dublin and so ready to start this trip. The group had to be at the airport at 11:30am which was a blessing because I was able to wake up at a normal time. I got up and checked everything in my suitcase and weighed it. I packed a little heavier than my last trip because I had realized I forgot some necessities like a water bottle and foot powder!! When I got to the airport I met up with my two friends from school Courtney and Macy. It is so exciting to have them on this trip because we are great friends that share the same interests.
It was time for the group to get out tickets and go through security. I always get nervous going through security but I would make sure to double check your carry-on bags so that none of the items will be confiscated. The first flight was from Nashville to Charlotte which was only a couple hours. When we arrived we headed straight to the gate for our international flight. I got a middle seat on this flight so I never got comfortable enough to sleep. I would recommend to try to get rest and drink water because this will help with get lag! Seven hours later the plane landed and the group had a short taxi ride to the university to see our housing!