Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dublin Day 7

Today was our last day in Dublin and we went on a group hike to the Howth cliffs. This was my favorite day so far. I enjoyed it so much I wish we would have done something like this every day. When I think of Ireland I think of exactly what I saw today; green lush hills with animals, rocks, deep blue waters, and amazing views. This was amazing and I took so many pictures so that I wouldn't miss anything. Most of our class went, but of course Sierra, Macy, and I hung together and had a lot of photoshoots. I tried to climb out on the cliffs but they wouldn't let me. After our hike was over we went and ate lunch at a local bar and had fresh seafood. I had the most amazing crab sandwich and we had an ocean view at our seats. After we ate we walked around Howth and went into a beautiful Catholic church and walked around it.