Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 3 Dublin 6/22

Day three I woke up feeling much more rested and ready to go. We met for orientation and basically talked about the do's and dont's of the trip. Then we went and ate breakfast before we started our day. We then caught the bus and headed to the city where stopped at the store Lush and met some fabulous ladies who showed us all the best products and we spent some serious euros.
After this we traveled to a cute little restaurant where we had cheese toasties. Yes they are as good as they sound. We were able to eat them on the rooftop and it was beautiful! The weather was great today in Ireland. After we walked to a major department store in Ireland called Brown-Thomas and stayed for a while. We shopped all around and continued shopping all day. We went to Ladure and ate the most amazing macaroons. I cant wait to go to Paris and enjoy some more. After we shopped some more at some local stores and then went to dinner at a local pub and had the best traditional Irish stew and a coupe of rounds, had to be like the Irish right??