Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 9 London 6/27/16

  First full day in London, after orientation my group went on a walking tour around the city. Dr. V wanted us to lead him through the underground to meet the tour guide. London's underground system is similar to Paris's metro so it wasn't any problem for the group. We met up with our tour guide, Rachel, to start the tour! Rachel has lived in London for ten years and went to acting school here. Now she gives tours around the city and uses her acting skills to make them very entertaining. On the tour, she took us to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abby. I think it is so cool that Britain has a royal family. I hope to learn more about them during my time here. King Henry the 8th's palace was also on the tour and we heard the story of his six wives. I want to go back to a lot of the places we visited to take pictures and really enjoy it since I know the history.

   After the tour, our guide recommended this restaurant that had their entire menu half priced. It was a really nice place and cheap too! On the way back to the underground, we came across a peaceful protest to get the Prime Minister back because he left the position after the United Kingdom left the European Union. Most of the citizens seem to be upset that the UK left. I will have to keep up with the progress since I was in Ireland when the news broke. I was very tired tonight after walking 19,000 steps!