Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 7 - Saying Goodbye

Today was the last official day in Dublin and the city has been great! I must admit that I didn't expect much from the city so I came with no real expectations. I ignorantly expected to hear constant Celtic music and see nothing but red heads and that was so far from the truth. Dublin is so diverse with people from all types of places and people of all shades of colors. Of course there are differences in cultures, but we don't differ that much from the citizens here. 

I spent much to today finishing up some assignments, packing, and doing laundry. We've been told that we will be leaving bright and early so I want to make sure I've done all that needs to be done before morning. I did catch the bus downtown just to "say goodbye" in my own way. It is amazing how the city terrified me on the first day but now I can get around like a citizen of the city. Just the other day I gave directions to another tourist as if I've been here for years. 

I'm excited what tomorrow will bring. Ishmail from Google stated that London was just like New York, if so, I know I'll really like it. The hardest thing, believe it or not, is repacking this suitcase. Yes, I’ve acquired some new things but not THAT much. Im struggling to get all of the items back into the suitcase at this point though. At this rate I may need to purchase another bagI know thats going to be frowned upon by Dr.V simply because he believes in traveling as light as possible. Im finding that to be almost impossible when the weather is so unpredictable. Most of what Ive purchased has been jackets, longer shirts, and pants.