Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 9: London day 2

On our first day in London we had a walking tour, that was actually really good and I enjoyed it a lot. We got to ride and learn how the subway works and use our Oyster cards. We arrived early for the tour and just waited for it to start. When the tour started, she showed us around the market place and then we made our way to the center of London. She showed us the statue of the commander that won the war for England against the French. She also told us the story of the lions that surround him, as they all melted down guns and cannons they took from the French after their victory. Next she showed us Henry VIII’s clock tower and informed us about his lifetime. After that we went to look at Buckingham palace, which is so beautiful! We also got to hear the story about the time when Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham palace. Then we went to see Big Ben and where the House of Parliament was and even got to see Westminster Abbey. After our tour was over we then went to this restaurant that was half of on Mondays, and it was really good. We then headed back to campus because we were all tired from walking and wanted to relax, on our way back to the subway we even got to see a protest going on in front of the House of Parliament, which was pretty interesting. Overall this was a very good tour and I enjoyed learning about the history of London!