Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dublin Day 6

Today was so so so rainy it was kind of miserable to walk in. We stopped in several restaurants and shops just to get out of the rain. Luckily most of the food here is comfort food so it easily made me feel better about the weather for a little while. After eating and shopping we made our way over Leinster House for our tour. Pam shussshed us. Sierra fell during the tour. Courtney and I couldn't keep it together after that. After the Leinster house we took a long long long walk to Google. Touring Google was pretty interesting to tour. It seemed like a great work environment. Also there were free drinks and snacks so that was a big plus. Dr. V made us take an awkward picture with the tour guides at the end. We were so tired after this day that we just had cheese toasties for dinner, the hanger was real.