Monday, June 20, 2016

Day one/traveling

When I first arrived at the airport on Sunday for our departure, I was a little nervous but very excited. We checked our bags in and then went to our terminal. We were a little earlier and so some of us got to know each other. Our first flight was delayed due to maintenance issues, which caused us to run to our next terminal after we arrived in Charlotte. Luckily we made it in time and got aboard our flight to Ireland. On this plane I just watched movies and tried to sleep, but didn't get much sleep. Overall both of our flights weren't bad but we did experience a little bit of turbulence on both.
 Day one of Grande European Capitals 3 and my first day in Ireland was wonderful. Well other than being jet lag and tired on my first day in Ireland, this did not discourage me from learning about the rich history of Ireland. The way we learned about this history was by a walking tour of Dublin that was very interesting! Our tour guide was a local Irish woman named Lisa, who knew all about her Irish history. We learned all about the Dublin castle and its origin, as well as the battle between England and Irish. After learning about the ongoing feud between the English and the Irish, we also learned about the first time the queen of England had every stepped foot on Irish land and her refusal of a Guinness's beer. And finally we learned how to sing an Irish song and how to great someone in the Gaelic, which I have already forgotten because I was tired during this tour. I am excited to see what opportunities this wonderful city has to offer me for this week.