Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 3 Continued - Defeat

Yesterday my partner and I discovered that Rihanna was in town. We had a map and started walking towards the venue. As we got closer we started to see people who were dressed up, dancing, and singing the artist's music. We were told that the concert started at 5pm so walking fast was a must. I admit it would have been easier to take a taxi but neither of us wanted to spend the money. 

Almost an hour later the venue could be seen from the sky in the horizon. The excitement started building with each step that we took. Because we were downtown doing research, nether of us was properly dressed properly, but we didn't care. The stars aligned and we were taking advantage. How many times will you get the opportunity to see Rihanna in Dublin?!? We got to the venue at 5, the same time it was suppose to open and started looking for the box office. After about 10 minutes I asked one of the guards about it and was told that Ticketmaster was down the street. 

3 blocks later still no Ticketmaster. Since I didn't get a SIM card or an international plan I couldn't use my phone to call or goggle anything. My partner tried paying them from her phone but Ticketmaster couldn't understand why someone in Ireland was entering Nashville, TN into the billing address. She tried calling but never could get ahold to someone after the first number she tried was disconnected. We looked up directions to Ticketmaster and discovered it was 20 minutes away by foot. By this time we had given up on getting into the venue. We were about to except defeat when an idea entered my mind, but I'd need wifi to try it. 

We walked around the area until I was able to bum some wifi and I contacted My friends via Whats App. My goal was to get them to purchase the tickets and send them to me electronically. Although everyone I contacted was at work, and at their desk, everyone was in meetings and on conferences calls...ugh. By this time I looked at my partner and told her that I'd done all that I could do. It was time to head home.

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