Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 22, 2016

The Adventures of Dublin
               GEC day 3 was eventful and uneventful all at once. The morning started off early, but thankfully not too early). Class was interesting in a sense for we were able to learn more about this great country and the future of marketing. Our guest speaker, Mr. Steven Ryan, gave a lot of insight on the history and traditions of the Irish.  Telling the history of  St. Patrick, and how he was actually Welch. Also, how Arthur's Day, the 250 anniversary of Guinness,  was so successful it had to be cancelled because people considered it a national holiday, when it was not, and the whole city would shut down for it. He also discussed the marketing aspect of it all. For instance, how the Irish are natural storytellers and how in a way that's how they market themselves to the world for tourist to visit the country. And how mobile advertising is the best and biggest type of advertising on the rise, for everyone has a cell phone or tablet and that's the best way to reach out to people.

               After class off me and my partner in crime, Eboni, went to interview a native from the country. The girl was fun and funny and overall welcoming and great. The conversations we had gave a lot of insight on how much stuff and interest we had in common with people overseas. For example everyone is almost equally obsessed with GOT and we both love the movie 10 things I hate about you. The encounter also opened my eyes to new things such as music artist that she liked in the UK. Overall I really enjoyed the conversation and it left a good impression of the Irish. Later that night I able to experience Irish traditions even more by going to a pub/bar and watching a football game.  While I didn't watch the game all the way through I did make it out downtown and saw the aftermath of Ireland. The joy of the people was interesting and funny, but it was great and I wish I could experience it again.