Friday, June 24, 2016

Dublin Day 6 6/24/16

  In the morning, Macy, Courtney and I explored around the town that is by the dorm. It is a really nice residential area that has a grocery store and several shops! After exploring the town, we took the bus to Henry Street. This area is downtown and is a great place to shop. The spire monument is also right next the street so it is easy to find. Next, we starting heading to the Ireland Parliament for our group tour. Parliament was in session during the tour and a brief history of Ireland was giving. The building was beautiful and very well kept. My favorite part was 3 chandilers that were each 200,000 euro. The manufacturer comes once a year to clean each piece by hand!! Once I was leaving that room, I miss the steps and fell down! I just remember being up and then down really quick. The tour ended shortly after my audition to be a stunt double (hahaha kidding)

   Later, the group visited Google Ireland, where we got a full tour of the campus. I was so excited to visit this company because I loved the Google movie and wanted to see if that is what all of their campuses look like. I got to write my name on the Google letter "e" and got to see the view from the tallest building in Ireland, which is thirteen floors. The campus has seven cafeterias along with many places to snack and relax. Employees do not pay anything for these luxuries but the application and interview process is worth the price. A potential employee goes through 2 phone interview, 3-4 onsite interviews and a committee review before receiving an offer. I was most curious if people got fired only to find out that is really rare because the hiring process is so intense! So cool that I have seen Google!!