Wednesday, June 29, 2016

London Day 3

Today in London we got up and had a visit with the Euromonitor company which I thought would be about computers but it totally wasn't. After this we went back and did some laundry which Sierra was so nervous for for some reason. No worries we got it figured out. Then we went to lunch and decided to take a nap after since we were up so early this morning, it was much needed. Then we went out to do some research, which for all of us consisted of hitting up the biggest department store, Harrods. We started in cosmetics and then went on to bags where Mace and I both found one, After we strolled through and talked to some workers in the clothing departments. After we realized we were starved we went to a pizza shop inside Harrods and had some great pizza for dinner. Then we went for dessert right next store and had some ice cream. After this we went and hcecked out the shoes in Harrods and they were awesome.