Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 6 - Parliament & Google

Rain, rain, rain, please go away!!! It's been raining off and on every day and when you're not use to that it can become very worrisome. My day started late, which is good. I was given the opportunity to sleep in because our tour of Parliament and Google didn't start until later in the afternoon.  Not wanting to waste ANY time, we decided to head into town to get some more interviews. We intended to visit only one skate shop but the worker give us directions to others within the area so we stopped by them as well. Even though skateboarding wasn't my topic, but my partner's, I've enjoyed her interviews and the shops we get to visit. 

One of her interviewees took the time to show us how to identity counterfeit boards. He informed us that many companies are now making cheaper boards but charging the same price to get more profit. I thought it was very interesting how quickly, once showed, one could spot a "fake" board. I appreciated the information, there's no telling when I may need to use it. 

Afterwards we ran to catch the bus to Parliament. Once we got there we were told that photography was not allowed inside the building due to the nature of what we may see or witness. Our tour guide gave us a small tour of the building, allowing us to listen in on a discussion about making citizens in rural areas start paying for water.

The Irish still hold President Kennedy in high esteem for one, being the President of the United States and two, being of Irish decent. The gifts he gifted the country on his visit are still on display and some of the people that were politicians then are still alive and can recall all of the many details of Kennedy's visit. It was also noted how Kennedy's death affected their country. It's amazing that not only did the United States mourn, but so did others, others like Ireland. 

Next we went to Google. Our tour guides, Miguel and Ishmail (his spelling, not mine) were young, extremely smart, and cool. They literally gave us a tour of their building and spoke about how cool it was to work for the company. Miguel was from Portugal and Ishmail was from London but both migrated to Dublin to work for Google. The interesting thing was hearing that Google doesn't seek out computer science majors or those who are coding experts, but people from all backgrounds that are cool and think outside the box. I plan to apply for a job and internship once we return to the states, I'd love the opportunity to love for this company.