Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dublin Day 5 6/23/16

  Today the group went to Microsoft Dublin to have lunch and a presentation. When I originally found out we were going to Microsoft my first thought was "I am an Apple kinda woman" but I was pleasantly surprised!! Upon arrival Stephen Howline greeted us and took us to a conference room. He then led us to the lunch line which was a traditional Irish meal. It consisted of Irish stew, mashed potatoes, fries with little cream puffs and macrons for dessert. Then, it was time to get down to business. The first presentation was about Microsoft Ireland where I learned that Microsoft is celebrating there 30th year in Ireland. Next, three were presentations about technology and security. I originally thought that Microsoft was trying to copy but found out they aren't even a competitor! The competitors of Microsoft are Amazon, Google and IBM. I learned that Microsoft isn't about the android phone and surface tablet but more about improving the lives of everyone through technology.
   After the Microsoft visit, I explored downtown and visited the St. Stephen Green district where I visited that park! The area is very scenic but also a busy part of the city. I was starving so I went back to Davey Brynes because of the good food and cute bartender (shoutout to you Adrian). I ordered a burger and it was actually a sausage patty!! It was surprising but still delicious. About halfway through the meal our table was asked to move because a VIP guest was arriving with her party of 50. Later, Macy, Court and I were told the guest was Rihanna! She played a concert in town a couple days ago. I never saw her but the security and police were very present. Security was searching peoples bags and using a metal detector to everyone that walked through the door. This experience made my favorite local pub even cooler.