Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 3

Today I woke up feeling a little tired; I went to bed late because I could not sleep. Today we had a guest speaker, Steven Ryan, who gave a very good presentation. He was involved with social media marketing, which I find very interesting so it was really nice to listen to him talk about it. He also talked about some Irish history, as well as marketing history and how it's evolved. After this presentation Donald and I decided to walk to the Omni shopping center, so he could interview some stores. He ended up doing really well; the people who answered his questions were very nice. After this we decided to get some food from this restaurant called Nando's. It was so good, and had very good menu items. I ended up getting a veggie burger with some Cajun fries. We learned they had some restaurants in America but are originated from Portugal. After eating we then decided to head to the city to a store I needed to interview but they were closed early due to the soccer game tonight. I will have to head back there tomorrow. Other than that today was a good day!