Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 10 London 6/28/16

   Today is my second day in London!! This morning the group is going to the Museum of Brands where we are going to participate in an activity. Once we got there I was surprised because I thought the museum was going to be centered around luxury but it was actually centered around everyday products. The museum started in the 1900's and told the story of major brands like Band Aid, Cadbury, and Heinz. The group excersize was the look at a brands packaging over the years and recognize differences. It was a basic marketing excersize but it was hands on in a museum so that was cool. The best part of the visit was the goodie bag which had a magnet, postcard and pin in it which is all my favorite souvenirs.
   After the group left we were starving, so we headed to the food hall in Selfridges and Co. They didn't have too many choices but it was still fun! The arraignments of desserts was crazy! Next I looked at makeup for research and headed to look at handbags. Oops I did it again because I found myself in Christian Louboutin. The pair I had been searching for was there!! The Señora Black Patent  Pump in 100mm heel. They were just stunning! After strutting around for a while, I talked Macy and Court into trying on a pair just for fun! Macy ended up falling in love with her pair so we both walked out with a pair of shoes!!! Then, I went to Pandora where I picked out a bus and guard for my UK charms. Last stop of the day was Lush, where I picked out all of the exclusive products to the Oxford Street location. Overall a great day of shopping with pretty packaging. :)