Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 25, 2016
The Last Day
Our last day here in Ireland was spent walking the cliffs of Howth. It's a cute small town on the coast with beautiful scenery. The weather was cold and windy but bearable and pleasant at the same time, mostly because it wasn't nearly as menopausal as the inner city weather. Went spent two hours hiking the cliffs and photographing the scenery, and even though most the paths attempted to trip me and send me to a horrible death, it was very enjoyable. And after getting in our steps for the day and walking off some pounds we proceed to stuff our faces with food from a cool market place and gelato.

Overall my time here in Dublin, Ireland has been a very memorable experience. I learned a lot of history about this great country and found out our countries are more alike than I thought. Also that the people here are truly friendly and open. From the simple random hellos and the helpful willing attitudes to guide us lost tourist in the right direction.  to the full support from almost all the whole nation for gay pride day. I will always cherish this adventure and will most definitely be coming back later down the road in life.