Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 2 - There will be no sleeping!!!

Today has been a VERY long day… The flight went well, but I couldn’t bring myself to fall asleep. There were moments when I drifted off but I basically seen every hour go by. I’m not sure if it was due to excitement or if I just wasn’t sleepy, but me and the sandman never did really hang out. I figured I’d get to our room and grab a quick nap, but that proved to be the wrong idea.

We landed, grabbed our luggage, met up with Dr. V, and walked to the awaiting taxis outside. Although the calendar says June, Dublin’s weather refuses to believe it. I’m thankful that I tend to travel in comfortable, warm clothing because I didn’t expect the colder weather. Our taxi driver told us that we actually traveled on a good day because it rained constantly the day before. I purposely researched the weather for Dublin for at least a week to make sure I packed clothing that would be appropriate and nothing mentioned weather in the mid to high 60s.

Even after that, I found myself not worried because by this time, sleep had found me. I just told myself that I’d travel into town at some point and grab a jacket…after I wake up though.

We pull up to the school and walk inside only to hear words that no traveler that has traveled 12hrs wants to hear… “Your rooms are not ready”. Not only were they not ready but they wouldn’t be ready until 3pm. The happy, and well rested, Dr. V smiles and says, “This is ok, you guys need to stay awake to get adjusted to the time change anyway”. I’ve never said so much without saying anything. I knew he was right but at this point, who was keeping score? Everyone was struggling to pay attention and concentrate.

Every teacher was on “Sleep Patrol”. If you blinked too long your name got called out and you asked questions to make sure you didn’t doze off. Yes, it sounds funny but Dr. V was right… I should have gone to sleep on the plane.

After breakfast we went out into the city to explore and attend a walking tour. The tour was amazing and very informative. Our tour guide was very entertaining and funny. She seemed to be a walking book of knowledge about the city, culture, and about how to keep the attention of all ages.

After the tour we located the bus and was taken back to campus where we were finally issued our rooming assignments. By this time, it was around 5pm and you can only imagine how we all felt. I grabbed my luggage and before I could turn to leave Dr. V said, “Guys, I know you are tired, but stay up”. By this time, I’d literally been awake beyond 24hrs. I got to my room and did the best that I could but at some point I lost the battle. I went to sleep.