Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 1

Travel day is always the most exciting and most tiring day of traveling. I was so excited to come to Ireland and see the city and meet the locals and some fellow gingers like myself. I was a little sad to leave my boyfriend behind but the excitement trumped it and I was ready to get going. Our flight was delayed, which made catching our second flight kind of questionable, but we pulled through. However I was nervous that our luggage would not make it! I took Benadryl and tried my best to sleep on the plane but it absolutely did not happen. The end of the flight had a lot of turbulence and I was actually afraid that I might faint! That's pretty normal for me though. Going through customs was very easy and I didn't feel stressed at all. The taxi ride was pretty short and in the end the entire travel day felt like it went by pretty quickly.