Monday, June 27, 2016

London Day 1

Travel days are pretty much my least favorite days. I woke up at 5 am to be sure that I didn't forget anything and so that I wouldn't be stressed about time. We took a quick taxi to the port, waited on the ferry, and off we went to Whales. The boat was nicer than I was expecting, and you could buy food and drinks. I slept for most of the time and before I knew it we were there. Our train to London was about an hour later so we had time to grab a quick snack at the station. Figuring out where to put the luggage on the train was an absolute disaster. I had mine sitting next to me in the aisle and the person sitting beside me had to hold their suitcase in their lap. The train ride wasn't bad though. It was nice to look out at the countryside and see the different style of houses. When we finally got to London we had to walk about 30 minutes to the campus we are staying at, and that was a big struggle. One girl's handle came off of her suitcase. A bunch of us all went to walk around the city and immediately fell in love. It should be a fabulous week in London!