Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 8: Travel day to London

Today we left Dublin and are taking a ferry and train to London. The ferry was about two hours long and most of us just slept, considering we left DCU around 7 in the morning. The ferry took us to Wales where we boarded a train that took us to London. The train took about four hours and again most of us slept on this ride as well. Once arriving to London on the train we then had to walk to the hotel with our luggage…this was about a 30 minute walk in semi-warm weather, it was miserable. After arriving to Regents University we got checked in and got settled in our rooms. After getting settled we then went on a campus tour that lasted for about 30 minutes. Then after the campus tour we all ate dinner and then wandered the streets for a little bit. Overall I love London so far and can definitely see myself living/working here in the future. I just love everything about London so far and can't wait to explore more of this beautiful city during our stay here.