Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dublin Day 7

On my last day in Dublin, the group decided to take hike at Howth cliffs/island. We all met up in the reception area at DCU and walked to the bus stop together. Then we took the bus to the city to get on another bus to take us to Howth. The hike was very beautiful, walking the hike wasn't bad and the views were breathtaking. There were some spots on the trial that you would really have to pay attention to make sure you didn't fall and die, the very rocky parts. Other than that the weather was cold and windy it felt just right when you would get hot from walking. It took us about two hours to do the hike and walk back to the city. Once we got back to the city we were all starving, so we broke up into groups and found somewhere to eat. My group found this little market place to eat, which was very good and the gelato afterwards was even better! After that we headed back to the city and walked around for a bit on our last day. Then when we got back to DCU it was time to do laundry and pack for London tomorrow. I'd have to say my experience in Dublin was very fun and safe. This city has hardly any crime which took me by surprise; I wasn't expecting that when I first arrived. I am glad I got to experience this city and loved learning about its culture and history.