Sunday, June 26, 2016

Traveling to London June 26

This morning we had to be up and ready at seven this morning to catch the taxis to head off to the port where we would catch a ferry to Holyhead in Wales. I was super tired this morning but super excited to be heading off to another country. We pulled up to the port and I was expecting us to be in a tugboat headed off to sea, but instead it was a huge cruise ship type boat with a level for cars, coach type class, and a club level. We were seated on the second level and it was basically a huge room filled with tables and chairs and places you can eat at. We sat down and realized how sleepy we all still were. Sierra and I grabbed a crissoant and water and went back to eat them while Mace napped. While we were eating two little boys from the UK sat down behind us and started talking, this boy was the cutest 8 year old I had ever seen and his accent was adorable. After we ate Sierra and I grabbed out pillows, blankets, and eye masks and took the best naps. We probably looked like total divas, oh well.
We all woke up at the same time somehow and realized we were at shore, who knew? After we got off we went and got our bags and checked this shop for some snacks. I had a couple of pounds on me already and was embarrassed when I thought two pence was like two dollars, its actually two pennies. We got on the train after that and I fell back asleep rather quickly and slept the whole time pretty much. We were on a tiny train for FOUR HOURS. All of our luggage wouldn't fit on the end so we had a ton in the middle and other passengers were not happy. We finally made it in London about twenty minutes after I woke up and got of the train. Dr. V had us walk about a mile and a half rolling our luggage down the streets of London, that was miserable. Literally worst thing ever. We are all sweating and trying not to complain and then we finally make it. We get in our rooms and go for a quick tour of campus and then grab dinner. The cafeteria had a great pizza for dinner, it was a good sign for the food this week.
After we ate we walked down to Oxford Street just to get familiar with it and see what it was all about. We walked about 10 blocks or so and made it. It is Sunday so a lot of stores were closed but we were able to look around in a few. The three off us eyed a department store we want to go in tomorrow. We got tired and decided to go back to campus, which btw is in the center of a beautiful park, and call it a night.