Thursday, June 30, 2016

London day 3

Today we started out by going to the museum of brands. The lecture/activity that we did was pretty basic about packaging, marketing, and how to make your brand successful. Personally i'm super into old things, so this museum was really cool to me. They had packaging from the beginning of products, all the way up to current day. It was very interesting to see how much or little the different products changed. On most of them, the logo didn't change much, and they kept to their original color scheme. On some though, the packaging and logo changed drastically. It must have meant that the business was going downhill and they needed to do something to change it. I did notice that with most of the brands, the logo stared out in bold letters taking up most of the box, and as time went on the logos became smaller, and pictures along with other information was included about the product. It was interesting to see different medicines, cooking things, magazines, toys, etc. from different time periods. This museum was one of my favorites because I had a personal interest in it.

After this we went to Oxford street and did research along with some shopping. We had lunch at Selfridges which is one of the biggest department stores in London. We spent a good chunk of the day in there looking at all of the different designers and displays which was great research for our paper. After a few hours and a few shopping bags, we made our way down the street, stopping at stores to do some more research. We ended the day at Lush (our favorite) and were there until the store closed, trying products and gaining research for Seirra. My advice for the day: Always have an umbrella in England.