Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dublin Day 2 6/20/16

After arriving at the university, we found out the best news yet, everyone had an individual room!! I was so excited to had my own room! The bad news is that is was 8am in the morning and our group could not check in until 3pm. The group got a tour around the campus from the receptionist, Anna, after she locked our luggage up. She was very friendly and gave us a great tour. I have noticed that people in Ireland are very friendly and speak very good English. My class was going on a city tour later in the day, so we had some time to explore the campus on our own.
Macy, Courtney and I went to a playground and watched kids play. It was here that I realized the weather is bipolar. It drizzled and then the sun came out in a couple minutes! Then it was time for the tour and by now I was exhausted. I was feeling get lag and ready for bed. The tour guides name was Lisa and she was a native to the city. She was very entertaining and knew a lot about the city. During the tour, she took us to the temple bar area. It reminded me of a hip hangout place in the city back home. There was lots of live music and drinks, which Lisa told us were more pricy in this area. She also took us to Trinity College when they were having graduation. I noticed that every woman graduating had stunning high heels on. I want to be those girls when I graduate!!!