Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 2

As we were in the taxi driving to the dorm, it was very interesting to see the steering wheel on the right side of the car, and cars driving on the opposite side of the street than in the US. I was absolutely exhausted but knew that I had to stay up all day to avoid having jet lag for an extended period of time. We got to the dorm at about 7:30 and I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day. Immediately we went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast and it was interesting to see Irish breakfast, which included: beans, sausage that didn't taste like sausage, bacon that tasted like ham, eggs that looked like cream cheese, and croissants. It wasn't bad, I actually really enjoy seeing new foods because you get a better experience of being abroad. If I wanted to have the same things I always ate for breakfast, I would have stayed home. I feel like that is an important thing to remember while being abroad.

Sierra, Courtney and I then went out to the park and played on the swings for a little while so that we wouldn't fall asleep. It was sunny and then it was raining and then it was sunny and then it was raining. Several kids came to play in the park along with their parents/grandparents accompanying them. It was so lovely to see since most kids in the US these days just play on electronics inside. We then went on the bus into the city to go on a walking tour. Our tour guide's name was Lisa, and she was very funny. She looked like you would thing an Irish person would, with red hair, fair skin, and a nice accent. It was a good tour, and it kept me awake all afternoon!

Back at the dorm after the tour, I took a FANTASTIC shower. I then could use the wifi to text/call/facetime my family and boyfriend. I fell asleep at 9 and slept heavenly.