Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dublin Day 4 6/22/16

In the morning, my marketing class had a guest speaker, Stephen Ryan, come and give a lecture about social media marketing. He works for a local radio station as the social media director. The lecture made me realize how much technology has changed they way we live and how companies have to continually adapt to the changes. After the lecture, I took a short nap and then headed into the city! We stopped for lunch at Eddie Rockets, which is exactly like Johnny Rockets in the states. Word of warning the milkshakes do not live up to the standard of Johnny's. After lunch it was time for some shopping and research. Macy, Courtney and I went to Henry Street which has the oldest department store in Dublin called Arnotts. It was a giant store that had so many levels!! It was overwhelming but awesome!! A store caught my eye because I saw a Bare minerals and Benefit makeup counters. I was able to talk to ladies at both counters for my project over the different trends in the cosmetic industry. Then, it was dinner time so we stopped for a delicious pizza deal and then got on a bus to take us home. The bus started to take us out of town and then we realized we could be lost. Macy, Courtney and I started to get worried but knew we got on a line that would take us to our stop. It had been 40 minted since we had gotten on and usually only takes 20 min to get home!!! The man in front of us seemed worried and asked if we were lost and directed us to get off the bus. We had originally got on the bus on the wrong side of the street. He showed us where to get back on to get home BLESS HIM. After two hours of traveling on the bus, we made it back to the dorm!! Now for a good nights rest!