Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 8 Travel Day 6/26/16

Time for a new city!!! Today I woke up at 6am to be ready for a ferry that will take the group to Wales. Then we will hop on a train for 4 hours to LONDON!!! The ferry reminded me of a hip lounge minus the crying children that ran around the ship the whole time. The food was very pricey and I slept for most of the ride (I don't do mornings). I was in line for a snack at the station, when another group member said we were getting on the train. I payed for my snacks and ran for the train. People were slow getting on an every door was closed, except one! I am used to pushing my way on and that is exactly what I did!! After getting on, I slept and listened to music the whole train ride! The bathroom toilet was so funny and announced everything you should not put down the toilet. I will include a picture for giggles. Once we arrived, it was time to get to the university which was a 30 min walk. Dr. V led the grouped and walked so fast nobody good keep up! I thought I was going to tip over from the weight of my bags. Sometime this week I will be making a trip to the post office, don't worry I will blog it. We went out to explore a little bit and I saw a street that was named Paddington, which is the mascot of my Kappa Delta chapter at school. It made me happy and think of home, but I am not ready to go back yet!!