Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dublin Day 7 6/25/16

  Today was our last day in Dublin! In the morning, the group took a day trip to Howth to see the cliffs! I really enjoyed the hike on the side of the mountain. I am not afraid of heights but was afraid of falling off the side of a cliff. Macy, Courtney and I took this cliff opportunity to have a photo shoot. We threw up our sorority signs and just made sure nobody fell off the cliff from a cute pose. Courtney tried to do a dangerous pose and I was like no because she was too close to the side of the mountain. After we climbed the cliff, it was lunch time so we headed into the city. We went to a quaint oceanside restaurant that severed awesome seafood! I had a shrimp pasta and a berry bulmer, which was pink colored!

  Then we decided to explore the town of Howth. First stop was the Cathedral, where I said a prayer for my family and for safe travels. There was a cute shop across the street that was having a big sale but I didn't find anything inside. We decided to head back to the bus stop to go back into town. Once we got back into town we stopped at Magnum Dublin to make a sweet treat! The store was a fun experience and was the best ice cream bar I have ever had! I got a couple postcards and a magnet as a souvenir to round up the day. We headed back to start packing and have an early night for tomorrow. I bought a lot of stuff so I hope it fits in my suitcase.