Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 4

Today was a long day. First we woke up and went to breakfast, then we all met up to go to Microsoft. Upon our arrival at Microsoft we were greeted by Stephen Howell who showed us to our room we would be in and gave us our badges. While getting our badges they had lunch waiting for us. The food was good but the dessert was even better! We stayed there for about three hours but everyone's presentations were so good and interesting. We learned there company mission is “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” They showed us what they plan on working on in the future and what there main goals as a company are. One of there future projects is called HoloLens, which 3D diagrams to improve the learning process. One really interesting part was Stephen Howell’s presentation about a demo he was working on that could detect the emotions of a person based on there face in a picture. It honestly was so interesting to me, along with his software he coded with a Xbox connect and all the games that were on it. I enjoyed this trip and thought it was very informative and interesting. After this we all kind went separate ways once we got back to the city. My group went to get some dinner and then we got stuck in the rain as we were walking back to the bus. I found out when it rains the cobblestone sidewalks get really slick and you WILL slip if you don't have traction on your shoes, I was okay though!