Friday, June 24, 2016

Dublin day 6

Day 6 was a typical Ireland day filled with rain. We had been spoiled by not dealing with the rain to much but today that was ruined. It flooded about the time we walked across the street. We waited inside for it to stop raining and then went to Henry street where a lot of the action is and decided to go to lunch. We ate at this cute cafe and I had some fish and chips, but I got mashed potatoes and gravy instead. After this we walked to the Leinster house where we received a tour of the parliament and learned some of the history of Ireland, where the guys accent was so strong I could only understand half of what he was saying. After this we walked what seemed like forever to the Google headquarters of Ireland in the rain. Once we arrived we got some name tags and went inside. When we walked in we saw a huge cafeteria and one of two google stores on earth, it was pretty cool. Then we got to go up the top floor which is also the highest building in Dublin and see all over, it was so pretty.
After we finished up the tour we walked back to the bus stop which was a long way and tried to eat at a couple of different restaurants but were pretty much denied because they were so full. We pretty much gave up and settled for some cheese toasties, which were just as good as before. After our delicious cheese toasties we went back to campus and called it a night.