Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 10: London day 3

Today we had a tour at the museum of brands, but before the museum I had some time to do research for my paper. I went to a place called Southbank and looked at two skateparks. One of the skate parks I went to was closed, so I have to go back on Thursday. The museums of brands was really interesting. Our guest speakers were Fran and Genevieve,  and I liked how they did an interactive activity with us before we got to look through the gallery. We had to pick one brand to look at in the showcase room, I chose Johnson & Johnson baby powder. It was so cool to look at the way the packaging and detailing of the product had changed over time. Then they had us try to come up with a future packaging to see what we think would come next, or how it would look.  Overall I really enjoyed this trip to this museum. After this we decided to go check out Chinatown and have some dinner…we didn't have a good dinner because the waitress misunderstood what we wanted for dinner. It was really cool to see Chinatown though, even though our dinner wasn't good.