Monday, June 27, 2016

June 26, 2016
Goodbye Dublin and Hello London

               Day 8 of GEC 1 was our day of travel and it started bright and early. Today we were traveling by boat and train to London. As you may be able to tell it was a loooong journey, 8 hours total, but the boat was comfortable and easy, the train however was a little..less...spacious. You keep all your luggage with you and there is definitely not enough space for everyone's baggage, BUT we did manage to make it work.  After this long journey of sitting down you get stretch those stiff legs of yours, that's right you're walking all the way from the train station to the university with all that luggage, on (wait for it!) cracked concrete, cobblestones, and through a  park. So if you have a sinus cold and can't really breath, you're screwed. So the moral of this is to try not to pack too much, stretch your legs often, and stay medicated.