Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 2 Dublin 6/20

After we made it through customs we grabbed our cabs and quickly headed out to the place we are staying. It was so strange being in the cab because they drive on the opposite side as us in the states, as well as the steering wheel is on the opposite side in the car. Once we all got our bags and gathered up we received a breakfast card and went and ate breakfast on campus which was a relief since the plane breakfast and dinner were rough. The food was mostly normal American food and a little different, but still decent. After this we got a tour of the grounds and had free time before our class did a walking tour of the city. During our free tie my friends and I went and sat on a playground on campus and just talked about how we couldn't believe we were in another country. We were swinging on a swing set in Dublin, Ireland and that was amazing. After we met back up we took the bus to the city for the tour.
The walking tour was about two hours long and very interesting We went to the Dublin castle and several different parts of Dublin. I was so tired from not being able to sleep that I didn't really appreciate the tour as much as I normally would have. The tour guide was funny but I was falling asleep standing as we were listening, whoops. The two photos below are of the Dublin castle.