Friday, June 24, 2016

Dublin day 5

Day 5 started out great because we got to sleep in a little later than usual. We then headed out for breakfast were we had the same, water, a crissoant, a hash brown, and some water. After breakfast we raced to the bus stop to meet the group to go down to Microsoft headquarters in Ireland. We rode the bumpy and rough bus for an hour and then got off to hit the train to the park where the building is located. We were met by Stephen who would be our host for Microsoft, he took us inside and got us badges to wear for security purposes. We met in a conference room and were told we were eating first. They had prepared for us a Irish stew, mashed potatoes, fish, cream puffs, and macaroons. We ate around the table and talked then we began the presentation. The first speaker was Michael Meagher who gave us a preview of who Microsoft was, not as a technology company, but as a company who wants to focus on making technology work for everyone in the world. It was a really touchy topic because they are focused on so many different things and challenges in peoples lives. Then we met with Ryan who talked to us about the new Microsoft flow which seemed pretty cool for companies who need to see whenever they are talked about on social media. It basically connects you via email or text when something happens that you chose, it notifies you. Lastly Paul talked with us about security things and basically told us that there are people in the world who know more about us than we know about ourselves because they can access it via our computers and we allow them too.

After our long day at Microsoft Macy, Sierra and I headed off to our favorite pub for dinner, Davey Byrnes. We were all starving and I ordered a cheeseburger thinking it would be American, nope. It was basically a sausage with cheese on a bun. I hated it, but I don't like sausage. We were sitting at the pub just talking and our waitress comes up and asks us of we wouldn't mind moving later because they were having a VIP guest. We of course did not mind but were curious who it was. About twenty minutes later she tells us that security has started to arrive and that the guest was on their way and she told us it was Rhinna! We were sitting in the same building as her. crazy. We move up and continue talking and notice that security is really heavy now and that they were checking peoples bags and using metal detectors on people as they came in. It was one of my favorite memories so far on the trip.