Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 3

This morning I woke up feeling much better than the day before. We went in to orientation and met with Dr. V about our assignments for the next few weeks. We then went back to eat that interesting Irish breakfast in the cafeteria and I broke down and got myself a Diet Coke that really helped me stay awake. Courtney, Sierra and I then took a bus to town to start our research. We ended up at Lush cosmetics, and became friends with the people that worked there. We ended up staying there and talking to them for a few hours! We learned a lot about their life in Dublin, some history, what they do for fun, etc. They also hooked us up with some awesome cosmetic products! They were so fun and so kind, which is how I feel a lot of Irish people are.

After Lush we went to a rooftop restaurant and had some AMAZING cheese toasties, recommended to us by our friends at Lush. We then spent the entire day talking to people and shopping, AKA doing research because our topics for our projects are cosmetics and fashion! Talking to store employees, managers, customers, locals, and learning about them and their experiences in the retail and fashion industry will benefit me so much in my career. After a fabulous day of this, we ended it at a traditional Irish restaurant that was also recommended to us by our friends at Lush. We had Irish Stew and a few pints, it was incredible. Basically only locals were eating there and we got to talk to a few of them as well! Finding our way to the bus and back to campus was not hard at all. Overall a wonderful day in Ireland!