Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016
Walk and Shop Till I Drop
               Day two of GEC 1, so far has been waayyyyyy better than day one. Most of this is because I wasn't half as exhausted as I was yesterday, plus shopping was involved.  They day start pretty early and pretty simple; wake up, eat breakfast, and go to orientation/class. Primary things I learned from orientation was to not do anything stupid or inappropriate, if you get sick or need help ask faculty to help, and always show up on time, or the cops will be called. Basic rules that I'm positive are easy enough to follow. Next was class which was pretty interesting. First we had the basic "what to expect to being and what's on the syllabus" discussion; so far it seems pretty simple, you just have to actually do the reading and work. It got really interesting when we discussed how marketing and elements of it are pretty much everywhere and in everything you do and how much time and money is put into marketing a simple product.  Whether it's an obvious advertisement for a movie or just an employee at a theater suggesting what movie is better. Overall it seems like I'll be getting bit of interesting information from the class.

               Later in the day,(after lunch, phone calls, and a much needed nap)me and my new buddy decided to hit up downtown on the search for things to buy. Souvenirs were bought first so we didn't have to worry about that later (and spend more money on us) then we were off to familiar and unfamiliar stores. We ventured inside possibly the biggest H&M I have seen. Four floors full of clothes, of course still none in my size but I still enjoyed the purses, jewelry, and the slight different styles they had on display. After H&M came a series of stores with many items I will definitely be buying when I get a real job. Favorite store of the day was Penny's, it was like Forever 21 and H&M combined while still being pretty, which I'm pretty is the reason why all the girls in Dublin have such cute clothes. Afterward we caught up with other friends in the program and eventually found the right bus to get back to our living arrangements ( of course it took forever to find the right stop and we had to run to not get left).  Overall day was well spent and I am super excited for what adventures tomorrow may bring.